When we play, we experience the delights of the world. But now more than ever, we want to give back.

The Play Soirée was conceived of by Mistress Chloe Mercury, who wanted to find a way to leverage Her incredible BDSM community to help the thousands of people who are suffering the recent spate of natural disasters. Her idea was quickly greeted with great enthusiasm by many of the Bay Area's top Dominatrices, all of whom are generously donating their time and energy to this wonderful cause.

All proceeds from the evening will be donated to those who need it most right now for fire, hurricane, and earthquake relief. Please see the FAQs page for further details on how this will work.

If you would like to take advantage of this unprecedented opportunity to meet these incredible Dommes all in one place, you must act quickly, as spaces are extremely limited. Contact your Domme or send an email to inquiries@theplaysoiree.com to request your invitation and arrange payment details.

Session TIMES

The evening is divided into three blocks of time:

  • 6-7pm: Cocktail hour
  • 6-9pm: First call
  • 9-12am: Last call

Contact your Domme or email inquiries@theplaysoiree.com for more details and to reserve your space.


The Play Soirée will be held at a private play space in Oakland, CA.
Further details will be provided upon payment and confirmation of your attendance.



q: Is this a play party?

A: We expect there will be both play and downtime between sessions, where guests can mingle with wine and cheese or take breaks in the house. Each guest is guaranteed to have at least one play session with their host Domme.


Q: What is the expected domme:sub ratio?

A: We have carefully limited the number of attendees to ensure a ratio that is near 1:1 for the duration of the evening. The only exception to this is during the first hour (6-7pm), when We are offering submissives the opportunity to come meet Us all over wine and hors d'oeuvres for $100. TICKETS FOR THE REST OF THE EVENING ARE EXTREMELY LIMITED, so do not hesitate if you are considering attending this event. Worst case scenario- you will have donated to an incredibly worthy cause. But no,  you will not be sitting alone in the corner unless it's part of your scene!


Q: How will the evening be structured? 

A: The basic structure of this incredible evening is thus: For the first hour (6-7pm), We are hosting a wine-and-cheese meet-and-greet, which will give you the opportunity to meet and potentially discuss a desired scene with the Domme(s) you are most excited to play with. The first block of play time will commence at 7pm and go until 9pm, with most scenes running for about 30 minutes apiece. The second block of play time runs from 9pm-midnight. Each scene could involve multiple Dommes, subs, both, OR be one-on-one. Throughout both blocks of play time, there will be various 'stations' and special add-on offerings available; inquire directly for details.


Q: what about my privacy?

A: You are more than welcome to wear a hood or mask throughout the evening. In fact, we encourage it. We will only be playing with people We know and trust, so you are in a safe space of like-minded people. We expect that each attendee will respect and maintain the confidentiality of the other attendees, the Dommes themselves, and any play that occurs in the space. You will never be forced to talk to another guest (unless you both consent to it).


q: Will I get to play with multiple mistresses?

A: As always, each scene is negotiated and something to be agreed upon by each of the parties involved. Nothing is guaranteed, but there are high possibilities for the evening.


q: Can i invite a friend of mine?

A: Each Domme host must vet each attendee. If she knows and approves your friend, then they are invited, provided there are enough tickets and your friend has paid in full.



A: The charities are listed on the homepage of theplaysoiree.com; scroll down.